Saturday, May 31, 2008

-Z e r o-

Eric bro just complained that my blog berkulat d... Come on la it's only two days ago since I last updated my blog... If that long my blog can berkulat, S 0-0 n's blog I guess become fossil d lo...
Not only that, but he also said my blog has no content... Not to say sad to hear that, but gotta admit that I'm not a good blogger...
Well just to let you know, Narnia - Prince Caspian is pretty satisfying... Nice to see King Peter and King Edmund the handsome... Prince Caspian Tak Boleh la... Kakaka... I've just done my NUS hostel application... I pretty much don't know what I am doing with my life lately... Hahaha and the fact is---> I AM NOT IN THE MOOD OF BLOGGING AT ALLLLLLLLL...
Lastly, my life and soul are SO empty that words from me are empty as well...



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't Stay

I am giving tuition to my little brother and we found a little emo-piece of poem... It looks like my brother's handwriting but he was swearing that it was't his product... Anyway, it was in a small piece of note and I think it's cute!! This is how the "poem" sound...

Don't Stay
Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe
Sometimes I need you to stay away from me!!!
Sometimes I'm in disbelief I didn't know
Sometimes I need you to go!!!

I can't help to blog about it as it's so cute and to avoid embarassments, I did some investigations on it... And guess what I found??? Lol it's Don't Stay from Linkin Park.. Again I'm impress with my stupidity... Lalala~~ The lyrics just best describe me.. Let's share it here...

Linkin Park - Don't Stay lyrics

Sometimes I
Need to remember just to breathe
Sometimes I
Need you to stay away from me
Sometimes I'm
In disbelief I didn't know
Somehow I Need you to go
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
What you were changing me into
(Just give me myself back and)
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
Take all your things I snatched from you
(Just give me myself back and)
Don't stay
Sometimes I
Feel like I trusted you too well
Sometimes I
Just feel like screaming at myself
Sometimes I'mIn disbelief
I didn't know
Somehow I Need to be alone
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
What you were changing me into
(Just give me myself back and)
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
Take all your things I snatched from you
(Just give me myself back and)
Don't stay
I don't need you anymore
I don't want to be ignored
I don't need one more day
Of you wasting me away (2x)
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
What you were changing me into
(Just give me myself back and)
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
Take all your things I snatched from you
(Just give me myself back and)
Don't stay (3x)

mk.not so emo

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday...

Happy 20th Birthday

Bad Day

I started off my day with the worst morning ever!!! I'm clueless of what's going on with my life... I am always able to set my priorities right but not now... Frustrated... Could it be for I have not been able to focus on abstract future?? Or merely because I have just other shit in my mind... Eventually it's a bit of both... And two wrongs definitely WON'T make a right...
Right, I AM emo-ing at this moment... Which is the biggest reason why I'm blogging at this early hour... Yes, 9am is EARLY for I usually sleep my morning away and awake at noon... I'm still exhausted over the 3 days of outings... Saturday to KL then Pyramid; Sunday went for Japanese Buffet at Jogoya, JW Meriot Hotel, KL; Yesterday whole day at Starhill then night at Setapak... Want me to elaborate more?? Maybe next time...
I'm feeling a little dizzy, and mild headache... It feels like hung over, but I have not taken a single drop of alcohol yesterday... When more things don't turn out the way I want them to be, my life goes from bad to worse... Why can't local university be more efficient with the intake... I'm sick of waiting for one after another outcome of applications... CCM scholarship still no sound no picture, have obviously failed in YKhazanah and Shell... and no idea how's Y.Pahang... FED UP!!!
Yesterday went to PV6, Melati Utama, Setapak to celebrate Cheng's birthday and visited TARians condominium... A very basic space of living with basic needs of living... All I remember are matresses in the rooms, messy and unmade 'beds', cupboard for clothes, washed towels and clothes hanging in the living room and balcony, many study tables each with a pc/laptop on it... Waaaa, I sort of foresee my university life staying away from home...
Blogging is a good way to release the imbalanced.negative energy in me as I was so emo and moody just now that I feel like if I could just die!!! [no la, committing suicide is the last thing that will come across my mind, homocide will comes first] But now, after some typing and crapping, I sort of forgot what I'm emo-ing on... Well not exactly forget but the unpleasant feeling don't get on me that much now...
The biggest problem with me now is that I can't accept changes in things, life and people around me... This is just another period of transition in my life, when I'm changing from a high school student to an university student; when reaching a step closer or further to my dream; when I'm recovering from a relationship; but everything is so unstable that anything can change drastically in a blink of an eye...
Tomorrow if my appeal success, I'll be leaving to Singapore; if my appeal failed I'll stay local; local if I get USM, I'll be leaving ALOT of my friends and head to Penang; If I cant's get pharmacy in local, I'm going to SG and gamble my future; there're so many IF and I have to be physically and mentally prepared for each and every possible outcome which indirectly exerted a form of stress and pressure which are causing my depression...
Love wise, there's nothing much I can do for the time being... Facing seems to be the hardest way... Therefore I'm doing what I do best; escapism and ignorance... Time please fly faster, just let me have something to do and keep me busy away from thinking of you... Endurance and pride both has a limit, I have exceeded mine and I'm aware that more effort will bare no fruits, therefore I surrender... I hope I can stick to my vow for this time... Just this once...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

I had a dream about you...

Last night I went to bed extremely early, merely because I'm exhausted for the day... Woke up as early as 7am to attend the NUS Welcome Tea... Manage to get Eric to accompany me there and listen to some briefing, approached seniors for some questions, have some refreshments and headed back to Klang to get to Redbox, Pyramid... This trip is the most expensive trip I have ever been to karaeoke.. THANKS to SuLing, who suggested us to go all the way there with a most unexceptable excuse of that she's afraid of Greenbox Bukit Tinggi being HAUNTED... Well I definitely don't buy that, still for BFF calling so I went Redbox lu... Asked Eric along as well.. SuLing, just to say, NO NEXT TIME PLEASE.. I'm not that rich wei.. Tak Boleh Tahan outings like these... :P Still, I am VERY HAPPY as I get to SING~~ SINGER DIVA wanna-be me...

So pat toh with Eric whole day at night also dreamt of him... KAU LAT!! So at night since I have nothing better to do I went to bed early, 10pm you say early not?? Had a mild nightmare of arguing over small matter with Eric and woke up at 1.30am... Then continue to sleep back kakaka... Speaking of arguing with Eric, we never quarrel with each other ever since we become good friends... LOL Somemore till now still we have many things to talk about.. I wonder when will I get sick and bored with him??? Wahaha, just kidding... Oh I know you are reading, Eric, I very much treasure and appreciate your friendship and brotherhood... So Best Friend Forever Ya!!!
p/s: when want go swimming??

Going out for lunch, so till my next update... Bon Voyage~


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Oh I just LOVE playing Chess...
My first approach on chess is on another board game which is the chinese chess a.k.a "Xiang Qi", during primary school, no idea when... My cousin taught me how to play and I remember our grandpa loves to kacau and advise us what to move and what not to... He sort of missed the point of "Guan Qi Bu Yan" which means audience/observer shall not speak...
But for Chess, my first time playing will be in Form 1.. When I blurly participated in Bukit Kuda Chess Closed Competition in 2001... Imagine I went and participate a game that I have never played before... Can't comprehend what was I thinking back then... But ever since, I have been interested in this brain straining board game...
Due to my ketidak-cekapan, I never get to find out about my school chess club... I missed their General Meeting EVERY YEAR without fail, from 2001-2005... I wonder how I did that... lol So when did I actually started to be active in chess??? I think it's somewhere around 2004/05.. I finally get to join BK Chess club in Form5 eventhough I missed their general meeting, and to my surprise, my club teacher assigned me a post without my knowing.. So I actually get a certificate of appreciation without doing anything.. Cuz I'm the Ketua Taman, but Chess club don't have a taman... LOL...
I was also lucky to be chosen by my teacher to participate in Chess MSSD Klang.. Out-of-school exposure is always good as I duwanna look back at my school days and see only classrooms... Well that's my first and last time in Chess MSSD, and due to insufficient experiences and skills, I didn't win lo... Still I won 4 out of 7 games; not bad la... Our school team were at the 6th placing but only Top 5 is awarded... LOL not pro enough, what to do?? And to my surprise, I met Chye Soon [my once upon a time crush] at the competition, somemore he's those top10 player in Klang.. So pro... Hey, if you're reading this So-on; don't get proud and bloated ya... :P
p/s: I got some correction to do here.. ChyeSoon says he was in Top4 for 3 years... Haha not Top 10... Aiks, wrong information for you all SORRY~
Besides, I also have a couple of friends who are chess kaki(s).. Like Ben a.k.a Sifu; Cheng a.k.a Kor [back then]; Nicholas; Jia Yi, Chei Tgeng... Aiks but my girl friends don't play chess, tak syok... Oh speaking of this makes me miss old secondary school days... I always kena tapao by Sifu and Cheng when I play with them..Too noob d they say... Then I joined ACS Chess Club and have been active in it... Here I now more chess kaki like Alex and Ivan..Most of the girls in the club DO NOT play chess, lol bo pian..
Now my more regular chessmate will be my bro(s), both biological bro and wanna-be bro a.k.a Eric... At home I always tapao my little brother who are obviously lack of experiences... Then Eric, wakaka I still manage to beat him once in a while... Like just now I just beat him in, while Yahoo! Chess are having somewhat Version Conflict and many seems to have problems using it... Wahaha still in a winning mood and therefore I crap so many nonsense about my chess experiences here.. Just wanna say... ERIC, YOU NOOB!! Haha, I hope that will get onto his nerves~

Bored already??? Me too... Adios~

mk.noob chess player

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Route Not Taken...

I have been thinking about the poem that we studied in Form4...
With the title 'The Route Not Taken'... The author/poet sort of saying he chose the route less traveled and eventually succeed.. I admire his courage to pursue his dreams.. Although he mentioned about he will never know what he would be if he chose the other route.. Just like me, but I'm a coward, I do not dare to choose the route less traveled.. I'm refering to the course on Chinese medicine that I gave up...

For a couple of months, ever since I finished my another level of education-STPM, I fell into many dilemmas and there are many decisions to be made... At this stage of transition, every decision I make will lead me to a whole different path from another... Again and again I struggled between local and foreign universities... Little that I know, that things are never about what I want..

A CGPA of 4.0 never guarantee you anything... Take note : I said NOTHING!!! It only gives you higher chance to get your choices of selections... Not that MK here cannot face a tingle bit of failure, but somehow it's frustrating to not know what's waiting ahead of us... Everyone knows how bad it feels to hope and look forward for something for so long and did not get it at the end.. When dreams that are so close cannot be materialized... In many ways the dream appears to be... For the course you worked so hard to get in, for the love you waited so long to hold... Gone. In a blink of an eye, and a snap of the fingers..

When I was still a SPM leaver, if I had chose to go to college instead of Form6, things will be so much different now, very much indeed.. Anyway, that's not the point, no point looking back and say so many "IF".. Weeks ago, IF I wanted to do BioMedicalScience I would have accepted NTU offers and go to Singapore where I long for.. But why do I always gotta go through the hard way to get what I want, some more for not exactly what I want.. Whenever I start thinking bout my study plan, I get very lost and many problems from every aspects comes in and makes things worse.. Like now, I can't even organize what I wanna type now.. I have got so much to whine about but dunno which first.. so you see my point all jumble up..

Just.... try to sort what I wanna tell out yourselve.. Can't stand the messiness?? Kindly click the [X] button on the upper right corner of the window... NONONO I'm not emo-ing, well just a little.. But really, why is it that everything that I want is rather hard for me to achieve?? Have I asked for too much?? I ain't just simply asking for it but I DID worked towards it.. No pain no gain??? There's give and take??? BULLSHIT!!! It all comes down to fate.. I really don't have much faith on fate.. Not only because I am a free thinker and I don't give a **** to what superstitious things, but I really feel that fate loves playing games with me.. I just gotta blame something else than myself!!

There's a saying goes.. You have a great purpose to serve; but you must first suffer, of failure, tired, and hunger... Crap... I just want an easy life... Crap again.. If I wanted easy life why have I chose Pharmacy as my path?? Face it, sub-consciously, I love challenges... Sorry I have no idea what have I wrote for the past hour... Just like to waste my time... And also yours :P Good night!

mk.pessimistic for the first time

Monday, May 19, 2008


Alright, I confess!!!

I am so not in the mood to think of nice title for my blog... :P Face it people!!! Hiahia remember me saying Eric's post makes me emo??? Though I'm putting the blame on him, but somehow in some way his post really does makes me emo... Quit the crap, I'm here to finish of what I've done half way...

Yup, lets continue on my Redang trip.. On the second day, almost all of us overslept and missed the breakfast.. From my room, Yeelin is the only one went for breakfast, according to her, they serves Nasi Lemak and Porridge and the food is tasty... [Well the breakfast on the 3rd day; which are the same stuff served doesn't impress me much, nyek!]

Snukelling is the first thing we do in the morning... We were 'loaded' onto a boat which somewhat appears to me like a fishermanship, and I felt like a fish back then... This time we prepared our bread and I have less phobia feeding the fishes in the sea... Thanks to Ivan!!! He's my best snukelling company in the whole trip, maybe caused we both are more energetic, blah! But we did have fun trying to catch fish using the High5 bread plastic bag.. In fact we actually caught one!!! Ben and Eric have different problems in different trips such as mask and life jacket defects, leg cramps, etc etc and my girls are always no where to be seen... They normally got outta the sea and get tired rather soon..

After the trip we went to another shore to look for baby sharks, didn't get to see any but the shore is a big NO NO for swimmers... the water is SO shallow and there are way TOO MUCH of rocks and dried corals that will cut... Lilian becomes the biggest victim as she dunno get how many cuts on her feet... Then they so semangatly go and collect special looking corals.. Got 'Y' shape la, this la that la...

Around noon, we headed to the beach for beach volley ball... I did not apply sun block and i guess this is when my skin is least protected... Play till whole body sweat and sand and continue to the last snukelling after not even 5 minutes rest under the coconut trees.. Third trip is similar as other except for more aggressive fishes that I got stung every minute right after I jumped into the sea.. Waliao, they are just too hungry, but do I look edible to them??? SO i quickly swim away from the crowd of fishes, Tak Boleh la, very pain okay... Then now I'm back I found many small small non-bleeding wounds on my limbs... sigh~

Oh and one thing happen on our way back to our resort... Dino action go and sit at the edge of the boat then when we are almost near the beach, mischevious Ivan kicked him into the sea... Well Ben is the co-culprit la he suggested that.. So Dino swim his way to the beach and he lost his specs, few of them went searching for it but it's frame is damaged due to the huge impact when Dino hits the water.. So too bad, Dino gotta get a new specs, opps there's a price to pay...

Next, we went for Banana boat after tea break, the not-pro speedboat driver only manage to make us turn over ONCE!!! Ish, waste my money la... Then as we keep boo-ing at them, they end up jump down from the speedboat and MANUALLY turn over our banana boat... Lol, damn noob kay?! Aha, after that, we sneaked into Laguna Resort swimming pool and enjoy ourselves shamelessly... Ehem ehem, haha well at least this sneak to Laguna makes the trip more worthy as we enjoyed ourselve at the jacuzzi... Syok!!

After dinner we were chilling out at random places and then head to the Blue Sand Venture~ Haha Alot of patience and luck are needed to search for the 'legendary' blue sand.. lol simply say only la me, i dunno what legend behind it, but it's incredibly astonishing to dig and dig and suddenly find a tiny little rock shines like a star on the beach... Makes me think of the wonders of mother nature... It always reminds me of how insignificant I am in this world and how less I know about how the world goes around...

Night we went to room #55 for some games and liquor.. Aha, I gotta admit that I'm a mild alcoholic but i didn't purposely lose to drink okay?? Wakaka Later of the night I chat with Karen for hours and I insist to not sleep at all for the whole night... Emo abit with Karen and waited for sun rise in the morning.. I really like Redang and I don't wish to sleep my time away there.. I guess I did spent my time there to the fullest... The next morning I went for a walk and meet up with Ben, Roei, Keat and Yen along the beach... I just realized that I had actually walked the whole stretch of beach in Redang?!

Alright thats about all I did in Redang.. There are details that are too insignificant to be mentioned and inside stories that are too sensitive to be shared... Over all my mood swing during the trip is more complicated than I can comprehend myself... So long.. Redang..
Looking forward to the next trip.. Organizer?? Anyone??

mk.still sorting things out


Ehem, bare with my blog title... But the title kinda suit my current status.. Prolly because I am just back from Pahang.. Again?! Yup, I went for the Yayasan Pahang scholarship interview in Kuantan yesterday morning.. Most unfortunately due to the successive travelling, I fell ill yesterday morning, nose blockage and headache for the whole day... I wasn't able to speak very clearly during the interview, sigh.. At the end of the day I puke after dinner, i'm a weak piece of lame chop.. Nothing much to tell bout the interview, just like any others.. All in all, mom had fun visiting old friends and sisters in her hometown..

In Kuantan, we went to the beach at Teluk Cempedak.. At the beach, I recall some moments at Teluk Cempedak 3 years back.. 3 years back I'm still in form4, young, innocent, naive and happy kinda best describe me back then.. Pretty much because there are not much worries back then, seriously missed old young days.. Glancing back makes me feel old... Being near the beach also reminds me of Redang, but of course the beach at Teluk Cempedak can never match Redang's one... Oh I so missed Redang, two nights there wasn't even enough...

Actually I was so in the mood to blog after i read Eric's blog.. But his post sounded kinda emo making me emo as well.. But after 2-3hours of blogging whatever flame of emo also distinguished d lo... so I'll update again tml cuz my flame of blogging really dying d... lol paiseh ya!! I'll come back to you about my second day in Redang..



Thursday, May 15, 2008


Finally, I'm back to normal again...
You see, when you're away for 3days to an island where you only think of what to play next, what will we get for dinner, and actually get to throw everything behind your head, you get extremely down when you're back down to the earth of reality... Well I do.

So this is what happen, everyone have their own problems and sad stories behind their laughters... So do I... After 3 days of escapism to Redang, at the moment I step on Klang's land, everything rushes back to my mind replaying all the problems I'm facing in my current life... So much that I find it hard to digest... After a day or two, I am now starting to accept things in a different way, I guess the trip do take me to the moon and send me back to earth as a different person...

Oh yea, about the trip... Approximately 20 hours spent on transportation, 16 on bus and another 4 on boat... And both the bus and boat are extremely bouncy and I still feel the bouncing now... Nah just exaggerating, but then I do feel the bounce on Redang when I sat down and relax at the cafeteria (just a better word to call the canteen). The Redang Bay Resort is so low end that most of us feel like we were participating in school camps, wtf?! Yup.. How bad is the resort??? It's rated 2Stars online and to me it's way too overrated... How bad is that?? Use your imagination...

Alright, let me jot down what happened there on a daily basis, just a record to remember when I look back on this trip..

First Day.Sunday.11/05/2008
Departed form Klang the night before and reached Kuala Terengganu approximately 6am in the morning, took breakfast at their China town then headed to the jeti to wait for our "ferry".[I did not slept at all for the whole freaking night on the bouncy bus] -bla-bla-bla- and we reached Redang at dunno what time, 11am maybe, after a short briefing we checked into our rooms and had some rest and crazily applied sunblock for skin protection... I was suppose to sleep with Hui San, Pei Qi and Chun Rui but I decided to squeeze with my clique in room 51... Well, maybe I beh-cham or what but since I feel kinda isolated there It's better for me to stick to my friends and enjoy my trip~ Then we went down to the beach... The beach is really.really.really nice, with white soft sand and clear blue sea water... Ivan and I went swimming abit further for some exploration and I'm really glad that I can swim well enough to see many things... But since I'm so short and Ivan is tall so I sometimes get to tag on him and get some rest wahkaka... Then it's time for snukelling, nothing much, almost the same for every snukelling trip... I somehow thought that coral reefs are more colourful than green and brown... So a little bit disappointed on that... After snukeling we get our tea time, leisure time and dinner time, night is light and easy there... So my roommates and I went for Pool-ing and all of them are first timers, making me the one to act pro and teach them... Wakaka, then we headed to kareoke and normal la~ I just gotta show off my singing skill and luckily I still can sing well... Cause I have not slept for 30 hours d, should be half dead... Then later of the night I went chilling at the lounge with my bradas.ivan.eric.ben for chess and a cuppa cocktail... Hiahiahia, I was so lucky to win in chess that night... Hiahiahia, still happy now, Ivan you NOOB! :P and lastly we went to Laguna Beach Club or something for clubbing. This is my first time clubbing, and I didn't really enjoy it, still manage to shake something but there are many ugly.short.horny malay guys which are the big put off... Ugh.. And we head back to sleep... ZzzZzz

So this is how the first day goes... Will update bout the second day tomorrow... Oh ya, I will be leaving to Kuantan again tomorrow night as I have the Yayasan Pahang scholarship interview this saturday morning... I even went shopping for new blouse for the interview, and tonight I'm getting my hair dyed to dark dark brown again... So yea, wish me good luck in the interview as this is the only reply I got so far... pathetic 4.0 pointer I am...

signing off, have a great day peeps~


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still too tired to blog...

I'm sorry, I'm physically, psycologically and emotionally tired still... Ehem, sounds familiar?? No I'm not having my PMS... Just tired k?
Well just posting to indicate that I came back in a piece... Alive...


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gear Up!!

Getting ready for the departure to Redang Island, one of the tourist attractions located at the east coast of Malaysia... Our bus depart at 10.30pm tonight, and I only started packing 1 hour ago... Normally before a trip I will prepare a checklist early before the trip and start packing few days ahead... Over the years I've changed and grown up to a more mature lady... No more the little girl that makes a huge fuss whenever there's an event or occasion coming up... Gahaha what a good statement to disguise my procrastinations..

I'm a lousy person when it comes to packing my luggage.. I'm afraid that I'll bring too many clothes causing my luggage to overweight and I'll end up the one suffering since I'll be the one carrying it; on the other hand, I'm afraid that I bring too little clothes to change and less variety to choose from... Hahaha, ain't all girls the same?? Tell me nothing but a YES...

Then I'll start whinning on how much I've spent directly and indirectly on this trip... Hahah won't be listing down whatever I bought for the trip, but they all dig my purse till empty is what I can say... Will still be spending over there at Redang.. Gosh, my whole month salary gone... This trip is mainly for fun and indulgence, so can't really complain much...

Well, just blogging before my trip like many bloggers will do, so won't be around till Tuesday night... Don't miss me kay?? Muaxx muaxx...

mk.sitting on the beachXOXO

Friday, May 9, 2008

林依晨 - 你MV ( 惡作劇2吻片尾曲 )

Yup... Right after I finished 惡作劇之吻, well practically I still missed a few episodes which I'm lazy to go and watch back, I made mom buy 惡作劇2吻... Now I've finish both and looking forward to the third season.. And i'm so not satisfied with the season2 ending...

Recalling when I watched the first episode of 惡作劇之吻, I was seriously put off by the ultimate dumbness of the heroin aka Ariel.. Those who watched will know la... But still since the attraction-hero aka Joe is way too attractive I continue watching lo... Hahaha bought 惡作劇2吻 also just to watch the hero la... Super 'en tau'(drooling) + belly tall-188cm(erm,abit too tall) + genius-IQ200(damn overrated) + good kisser(yummy)... According to Susian, this kinda guy extinct d..
But seriously, this drama damn many kissing scene, salute the actors...
At last, I love this song...

風輕輕 我聽見你聲音
你對著我叮嚀 要注意自己的心情
雨輕輕 我聽見你聲音
你拿著傘靠近 為我遮著風擋著雨
你的愛很珍惜 我總依賴著你的記憶
你就像風在說話 順著我方向
你就像海中的波浪 堆著我成長
我明白你的回答 溫柔的對話
不被感動吧 我不說謊 kisses

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am sure that all girls know what is PMS and for guys who are more conncern on girls or YOUR girl will know what it is. Now for those who don't, PMS is a three-letter initialism which I'm now using to stand for PreMenstrual Syndrome. Let me share some common info about PMS..

Since I have always interested in Health Science, I went and Google and learn more about this PMS thingy. PMS is collection of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle, sometimes caused by the hormonal disorder during menstuation when oestrogen level is too high and progesteron level is low... Most women experiences PMS 2 weeks prior to their menses, some stop after the menstual flow starts, while some may continue after the mentrual flow begun.

The intensity of symptom varies from individuals and let us see what are the common symptoms of PMS... I wasn't aware of a few of them and now only I know ohhhh, no wonder la..
-Abdominal bloating (When my already big tummy turns gigantic, wtf)
-Abdominal cramp (most common; stomachache is a misconception)

-Constipation due to water retention (indeed true for me)
-Breast discomfort (Erm.. No comment)
-Aggression and Depression (Ahaha this is when people around us KENA!)
-Appetite changes and food craving (?? Food craving is forever for me)
-Insomnia (ehehe... ZzzzzZzzzz)
-Acne (Oh yea~)
-Headache and Fatigue (Not applicable to me though)
-Extreme tearfulness (When you wake up in the morning and found deposition of salt around your eyes, your period is near; my experience)

The risk factors that might boost the intensity of the symptoms is those common unhealthy practice of us such as:-
-High Caffein intake**(stressed in many of my findings)
-Increasing Age
-Tobacco use (No Smoking please..)
-Family History
-Dietary Factors (Lack of vitamins like B6 and E; minerals like calsium and magnesuim)

There's some remedies to relieve PMS and the natural one will be leading a healthy lifestyle with reduction of caffein(coffee,tea), sugar, and sodium(salt) intake, and increase of fiber and adequate rest and sleep... Besides this, intake of supplements like calsium pills, magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B complex will do some good.. Easy way out? Take MultiVitamin la...

The are a few guys that I know will buy chocolate for their girl during her PMS... Let me tell you something... Chocolates does not affect PMS intensity... Not worsen nor relieve... Furthermore, chocolate contains sugar that should be lessen during PMS... Not feeling so smart now? Since you've been buying chocolates for nothing... I guess your chocolates do make us happy~

That's all I can share about PMS... Adios!!


Fruitful Day...

I am very productive today!!! As planned, I have finally renewed my license~~ Weee people was telling me not to take off my [P] stickers in order to gain some sympathies during an accident... Nah~ Being a "hao lian sam pat po" I think i wanna peel off the ugly [P] stickers...

Oh ya.. In my yesterday post I mentioned about going to renew at Puspakom right?? Haha embarassing also I gotta be honest that till now I still don't know what Puspakom is for... Kakaka I stupidly queued up behind all the cars at the entrance of Puspakom (since mom told me that I have to renew my license there).. Hiahiahia, I don't even know that ACTUALLY~ JPJ, which is where i'm suppose to go, is just beside Puspakom... Luckily i grabbed Eric and Ivan along and asked Ivan to ask the guard house there... In short : I'm a failure... GAH!!! Then after a several mistakes I finally reached JPJ and get my license done in 15 minutes... Wa, I must say that our government offices have become so much more efficient nowadays... Like the other day I went for my EPF account registration and I got it done in 15 minutes... Coolness...

Oh ya, our initial plan today is to go Greenbox in the morning but early in the morning I received 2 last minute aeroplanes end up cancelling the plan... I was thinking of going for IronMan the movie instead but realizing I have promised brother to bring him to the movie this Saturday, we ended up at Klang Parade for Bowling and Pool... Fairly enough, while me being the loser in Bowling when Ivan and Eric crazily Strike and Spare for dunno how many times, I beat them in Pool!! Both of them!!! Wakakaka I sticked stamps on their eyes during the game, nolar I was lucky then... We forgot to take lunch which I only remember that 11pm just now...

After KP, I sent both of them back and get Jia Xin at Aeon and meet up with Chong Yen before we set off to the pre-departure briefing in KL... I'll skip the details in case I bore you guys to death... All in all, traffic congestions all the way to KL that I almost fell asleep in CY's car eventhough I talk alot, very general briefing which I now consider it as a waste of time, very long and tired day and I have not eaten anything except for ONE sausage in the morning until 11pm... Gosh, till now i still can't understand how did i survive that, since I'm a super 'tham jia po'...
Thanks alot to Chong Yen for fetching us there and today I really gotta thank my dad because he was in Jalan Imbi since 5.30pm and he got himself lost, try-and-error-ing the way to the hotel, so by the time we reach Jalan Imbi we were fortunate to have tips from dad bout where to and not to turn and eventually save alot of time to find the place... Thank you Daddy, dad end up reach there later than we do and he practically didn't listen to anything... After the thing I followed dad back and we both went cari makan in Sentosa at 11pm... Both starving..

Today's post is rather loooooooooong, since it's a long and productive day for me... And one thing happy!!! Seng Qian SMSed me today!!! Actually only to inform me that the bag I ordered in PA has arrived and I can go and collect it anytime, but I am darn happy since this is the first time he sms me first!! Wahahha, for whatever reason... Anyway, just an excuse to call today a Happy Day, it's really not a big deal...



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Short Report...

Went swimming today, like finally~
With Kylye, Ivan and Eric... Dididada yadiyada we end up late there for 30 minutes to our initial plan... Thanks to Mr. Ivan!!!! So we swim and Eric practically soak himself in the swimming pool which is somewhat suspected to be over-chlorinated... But it's kinda inconvenient to travel all the way there just to swim... Gotta find another place... Topic ends on swimming..

Tomorrow morning I die die [direct Hokkien translation] also have to renew my Probational driving license in the morning at Puspakom... I am not only a kiasu person but also a kia-si one... Driving illegally makes me nervous... Kakaka, craps...

Wanna write more bout my planned ahead outings but I'm afraid that later got stalkers reading my blog come and stalk at me... Blah, just kidding, merely giving excuses for my indolences of blogging...

NTU pre-departure briefing on tomorrow night, and I haven't even make up my mind... Headache...

Redang this weekend!!!



Friday, May 2, 2008


Yesterday night when I was still happily joying over my admission to NTU, I checked my NUS application and guess what I get???

You have been offered Science in the academic year of 2008-09.

Gosh, life really do has it's ups and downs... Now what should I do???? What should I do???? I totally freaked out yesterday night thinking what the hell am I going to do next... And the more I checked, the more I feel like wanna bang wall... Appeal is only open in June. All this while I've been wanting to do Pharmacy in NUS and now seems like my dream crashed once again... Yet, NUS Science offers 15 majors which one of it is Food Science, i think...
p/s: Food science and Nutrition I likey!!!
On the other hand, for the Double Degree on Biomedical Science and Chinese Medicine offered by NTU, it is a 5 years course which the 4th and 5th year i'll be studying and interning at Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), not to be mistaken as the top university, Peking University... Which I'm rather worried bout the career prospects of this course... Plus I can't really get anything about BUCM on the web which makes me have less faith in the university... Then I checked alot bout hospitals providing CM, oh my I'm so lost again... Though CM sounds very interesting, but but but there's mamy circumstances that makes me not so keen on taking it...

I just wanna struggle for a few years more and live an easy life after that... Which, pharmacy seems to be one good option for that... If I were to stick with Pharmacy, local U seems to be my only option for the time being... Great!! Local U ain't that bad after all, I have more confidence to achieve my First Class Honour locally... Seriously... What should I do??

Option #1:
To take Science (4years), perhaps major in Food Science or Chemistry in NUS?? Come out as a scientist and endless lab-work?? Or work in a food company?? Or become a chemist??? Perhaps sales later...

Option #2:
Take Double Degree in BMS and CM for 3years in NTU and 2 years in BUCM?? Come out as a SenSei or Researcher in "East meets West" medications?? Have my own Herbal Shop perhaps?? Own a Acupuncture and Moxibustion Centre?? Or teach old people Qigong and Taiji???

Option #3:
Take Pharmacy, 4 years locally... come out serve the country for dunno how many years and become a community pharmacist and eventually own a pharmacy???

Option #4:
Take any option of above and get a perfect boyfriend and get marry become housewife... ***Bingo!!!***

Alright, just ignore option #4...
Advice, anyone????


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1. At what age do you wish to marry?
26/27. I've been planning on this for years... I wanna give birth before 30~ First step is to get a boyfriend... Then trick him to marry me muahahhaa... Oops sounds evil~

2.If you have the chance what would you probably say to your beloved one?
"I LOVE YOU" We must express our love to the loved ones every now and then... Say it before it's too late, anytime can be too late!!!

3.What do you fear most in cooking/baking?
I might carelessly burnt myself... T.T ouch!!

4.When you pangsai which position do you prefer, sit or squat?

5. Where is the place that you want to go to the most?
Too many to be mentioned here, I'm one greedy traveler...

6. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
To grow 3 inches taller... Bahahhaa crappy dream...

7. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Absolutely NO, I'm a shopaholic...

8. What are you afraid to lose the most?
Everything... I've got too much to lose... Lucky me~

9. What would you do if you won $1 million?
Get myself a BMW 5series... And keep the rest for car maintenance and insurance...

10.If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
Certainly, absolutely, definitely, 100% yes... I don't listen to girls can't be aggresive bullshit...

11. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you
>> Straight forward
>> Friendly
>> Out-going

12.What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Oh my, this is a tough one... If I were to list out the requirement, it will take forever~ Cut it short to it's the feeling that matters...

13.Which type of person do you hate the the most?
Seriously... I hate dumb people... Mean but true...

14.What do you think about sex?
No Comment.

15.What do you think is the most important thing in life?
Be Happy... To achieve something out of it and not just plain indulgence...

16.If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

17.What is your biggest fear?? (My Question)
Lonesome I guess, I'm a people person, I love being around people...

18.If you are to die one day, who would you wish to spend your last day with?
My family, buddies and him(if he ever exist)

19.What is/are your trademarks?
Used to be Chili Padi, cuz I super fierce in primary school...
Kecik/Kecil... Needless to elaborate more, merely cuz I'm petite.

20.If you were given a chance to change a thing in a guy(if you were a girl) and in a girl(if you were a guy), what would you want them to change most?
Nothing. Each and everyone of us are created to serve a unique purpose and anything in a guy is the thing that makes them special...

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