Saturday, July 11, 2009

H1N1 Freak Out!!!

Hey people, you are reading my blog now, post of the century~ as I have not appeared on the cyber world for no idea how long. Since you can read this, then I guess I’m still alive. Being a H1N1 positive is the biggest nightmare of my life!! Let alone all the stuff that I have gone through during my suspected period, I had been informed the wrong information twice!! It’s too frustrating for me to spill it out here… The GH Penang shows no consistency in their data provision. Do bare with my whinny complaints as I’m a sick patient quarantined somewhere inside GH Penang. Luckily I brought my laptop and thus, I was typing my post in the GH…

Alright, let me start from my onset…

2 July 2009
Started to feel unwell, had mild cough… Still practicing at the Wanderers… Unhappy L

3 July 2009
Wake up in the morning, bad sore throat and cough, dizziness, fever and decided to take a day off from Wanderers. Was asked to quarantine at Bakti Permai, one of the USM hostel and asked a friend to fetch me there, by then >> ill till half dead… Was taken to the Wellness centre of USM for screening and wow 39 degree Celsius!! Win already lo… The best thing is, I was wearing mask then, they were not aware that I was one of the committee of APPS, thus, no caution. I was confused and surprised that they let my bf to talk to me without mask!! Ish ish then suddenly!!! Someone found out I was in the APPS then everyone start wearing mask and gloves, immediately I was transfer to an isolation room and then send to the general hospital for H1N1 screening. Personals at GH are so geared up to protect against the infectious disease, I practically can’t see any part of their body exposed in air, and their whole body were wrapped up in plastic!! I was treated like some kind of freaky virus spreading maniac!! After the throat swab they immediately asked the ambulance to send me back to USM. Zzz I ended up spending a night at Wellness Centre Quarantine room, and my poor bf got quarantine as well at the isolation block.

*p/s: vomited 3 times today, didn’t really eat anything, was vomiting water and gastric juice. Ewwww!!!

4 July 2009
Moved to Bakti, everyone called that block “Hilton”, and was given single room on a different floor from the rest. Meal and water was provided and was not allowed out of the room, movements only restricted to the washroom. In the afternoon, someone from the pej*bat kesih*tan come to my quarantine room and get all my contacts during the period of APPS till my onset, then he tells me that I’m a positive and wanted to send me to the GH, after I have informed my mom and few of my close mates, he then tells me it’s pending. Zzzz he then apologize and left, leaving me depressed over my status!! Later around 10 at night, someone from the GH called and informed me that I was negative in the throat swab test. I was instantly delighted and called my doctor to share the good news, and I particularly make her to confirm with the hospital before letting out of quarantine. Of course I didn’t wait any longer to share the good news with mom.

5 July 2009
I waited for the doctor to confirm my test result, and she came back with the good news, so not for long I was released from the quarantine block. I then went back to Tekun – my hostel to check into my room. Not to forget to inform those who were concern that I was negative and kinda celebrated with bf and friends then night slept at Wern Ting’s room.

6 July 2009
A call from GH wake me from my “Date with Mr. Zhou” aka sleep~ The officer now tells me that I was tested positive and they are sending an ambulance over to transport me to the Penang GH. I was shocked and furious and clarified with them that I was told negative. But they insisted that it was the formal printout that indicates that I’m a positive so reluctantly I start packing my bag for a 2 days isolation. I suspected that things may drag longer than it supposed so I prepared for 1 day extra. This time I’m smart enough to bring along my laptop which is why I get to blog at GH, but I was too nauseous to complete it by then so most of this post I type it later, which is now… The ambulance came and again I saw this plastic covered man and he escorted me to the ambulance. Upon reaching the GH, they only allow me to proceed after they have cleared the entire path that I’m going to pass by to get to the isolation room… I’ve got a security guard and a medical officer escorting me and clearing a path of 2 meters radius from me. Civilians in the GH were asked to move aside for me to pass… See la, so “big card”!! Translate that into mandarin and get what I mean. I got a single room with tv, bathroom and air-conditioned… 4 of my other friends were admitted to the same place and they came into my room for a little chitty chat that slightly cheered me up a little. Recalling I was crying all the way from the ambulance to my room. Not because of H1N1 positive, but I was super upset and angry on the wrong information given earlier!!! I was released to the public and might have spread the virus to others!!! And on top of that, I have caused my roommate and friend to be quarantined in “Hilton”!!! Which!! Is a lot of inconvenience!!! It’s not that we are free people with nothing else better to do!! Yup, very emotionally unstable today…

7 July 2009 ~ and 8 July 2009
Today is supposed to be the first day of Year 2 Sem 1, but the School of Pharmacy of USM has canceled all the classes of Year 2, 3 and 4 for a week and was planning to replace it during the mid sem break, oh this is sad… Spent a night in GH and I was supposed to be discharged after the 6th dose of Tamiflu – the antiviral drug for H1N1, which is today… With no place to go for “Home Quarantine”, I together with Wong my final year senior was sent to Hospital Kepala Batas for quarantine until we finished the 10th dose. The ambulance driver (again wrapped in layers of plastic) was sooooooooooo reckless that I’m more worried that I might die of accident instead of swine flu… Geez!! We were allocated in the nurse hostel for 2 nights and here it’s less comfortable and creepier~~ Only 2 of us in the entire hostel… Spooky!! Anyhow, my time was killed more easily with the science fiction my senior once sent me… The novel again is about contagion, narrating few freaking scary infectious diseases like plague, tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever being spread in a general hospital. The scary nosocomial infection kinda gave me goosebumps given I was admitted to the hospital at the moment… Sigh… and the food sucks!! I wonder if they have dietitians in hospitals to take care of patients’ diet… I was given oily, spicy food for meals and even fried chicken and French fries… So much for healthy diet~

9 July 2009
I finished my 10th Tamiflu this morning and this means that I’m FREEEE!!!!!

It never ever came across me that I’ll be infected by any pandemic disease. Well, perhaps I’m not much of a fortune teller; God knows what’s waiting ahead of me… June 2009 had been the worst month of my life… I have way too many frustrations happen due to some of the decisions I have made. Now that my life is slowly crawling back to normal, I have started to accelerate my pace to keep up with my hectic life as a 2nd year Pharmacy student, projects awaiting:

1) Pharmacy School Orientation Week – delayed for 1week thanks to H1N1
2) The Wanderers Concert – 31 July 2009
3) Bungalow Stay – 1st & 2nd August 2009

Let me get all those done while busy with my already scary 2nd Year Sem 1 studies and I will come back to my blog again… till then muaxx~~