Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 New Year Resolutions

2012 New Year... (cannot make it)
Lunar New Year of Dragon... (cannot make it still)
23rd Birthday (3rd Feb)  Okay!! Ngam ngam make it, I'm gonna start the 23rd year of my life brand new! Haha!! Well not exactly new but shall improve from where i left off.

Finally I have the time to update my blog with a New Year Resolution very much like all the others...

For Family & Friends:
1. I will LOVE my family more and spend more time and attention to them and be close at heart though distant apart.
2. I will contribute more of my part as the eldest daughter in the family, be more patient and generous to my sibling, to provide them with guidance and advice, be reliable to my parents and help them out in chores and tasks.
3. I will respect my friends like a teacher and cherish them with love and sincerity, and hope the best for them. 

For Health & Beauty:
1. I will sleep (before midnight) and wake (8-9am) early and make it a habit!
2. I will eat well, eat right and eat on time, and skip the junk food.
3. I will exercise at least 3times a week, and last 30 minutes each.
4. I will schedule my skin care and hair care sessions, and be complaint with the schedule.
5. I will drink 2 Litres of water a day to keep myself hydrated.
6. I will be complaint to put the rubber so that I can take off the braces before graduation.

For Lifestyle & Attitude:
1. I will work and play as hard in the remaining months of student life, and while I'm still young and wild to attempt crazy doings.
2. I will let the past be bygones and never again live in the shadow of hatred and distress.
3. I will drive safely and never reckless.
4. I will be proactive, productive, and positive in doing my daily task, assignments and projects.
5. I will be more humble and friendly to the people in my vicinity.
6. I will practice more to polish my singing so that i can work better as a part time singer.

15 Resolutions are listed out and hopefully I can fulfill them all in this coming year of dragon!!

Yours truly, mk de kecik.