Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm doing better than great here...

Yo ho peepow!!! Am waiting for youtube to buffer my currently favorite drama "Fated to love you" So got sometime to blog blog abit here la...

Hehe lilian, go go join fencing... This Fencing Club in USM is not a part of co-k, so very easily we can get to register... Cf wanna join Kung fu Club... ~Everybody Love Kung Fu Fighting~ I can't join cuz if I join I will become Kung Fu Panda!!! HeeYa!!! with humongous eyebags... wakakaka University life is just awesome...

Somehow I am glad that I come so far away from home, as not only that I get to learn to be more independent and tough... If I am studying at KL, I'm sure that I'll go home every weekend and bring my whole week laundry back for my maid to wash... But here??? Everything D.I.Y... During weekend I have more time to study and play and also get involved with various activities... Ain't my life more colourful so???

Actually I'm still too busy to update a real blog.. Don't ask me why I got time to watch drama but not blog k??? Watching drama once a week at internet cafe is like my only entertainment here... Just got 3 more assignments today, am the leader for a nursing home project so... gotta be responsible abit la... Looking forward to the BS next weekend, so this weekend aim is to finish up my assignment on literature evaluation... Go Go MK!!! Fighthing!!

I think I can do it... hahaha yup see me so friendly also know I have made many friends la, still making new friends every single day... Slowly la~ Oh yea, cousin brought me out for dinner today, cf tags along... We had durian and I had Char Kueh Teow... happy~~

Lastly, just a reply to Sherlyn :
"I guess I was lucky in STPM... I really enjoyed my Form6 life and in fact I actually played the most in Form6, still remember I use to play Badminton with lilian every week or once a fornight in Lower6, then after that addicted to Bowling... Chess club every Friday... Hmmm I guess form6 is not just study hard but real important is to study smart.. Search within yourself and get a study method that really suits you... "

People say Uni life is easy for STPM student... But I just have to strongly disagree with it as my life is really busy and hectic... For example guess what time I slept yesterday night??? Freaking 4am kay??? Just because I wanna copy my lecture notes in advance of my lecture... Actually was pressured by my "also-quite-hardworking" but playful roommate... Shi Min Haha we both practically siao together, eat together, sleep together, study together... What also together... Glad to get a roommate that is of same channel and frequency as I...

KK my youtube have long done buffering... So till next time... I'll try and update on last saturday Bon Odori night... Muaxx miss you people~~


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Short ShoutOut From USM again...

Hey people, my life lately have gone way too happening for me to blog about it... Too many things to share, yet too little time... Please bare with my lack of updates, I promise you'll get a satisfying one very very soon... So stay tuned for the next update... I hope I can find time to blog cause have been too busy on everything!!! Lecture notes, Lab reports, Literature evaluation assignments, Shopping, Spending, Playing, sub-Orientations, Outings, and so on, so forth... And just an hour ago, I sign myself up in Chess Club and Fencing Club as well... Have a Convo week activity - PharmEX coming up in a month... And many many more yadi yada... Well Just imagine how busy I am kay??? Hahaha so please forgive me ya...

Miss you all muaxxx


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hey peeps!!! Again I'm not blogging with my laptop... Only because there is no Wi-fi coverage in my room, Noob USMHotspot!!! And I'm lazy to bring my lappie down to the cafeteria... So now I'm in a cyber cafe near my hostel... Hehehe, I can sense there are people missing me somewhere... Well I plan to say 'everywhere' but I'm afraid that I'll get rotten eggs throwing towards me from everywhere instead... Hehe, looking at my ability to blog and crap you should know that I'm doing great here...

But it's either I'm heartless/cold-blooded or I'm strong and tough that I'm not homesick... Well, I was homesick at the first week, but soon enough that I have pull myself together and live a life as a university student far away from home... Sometimes I missed my friends as well, but not CF aka Karen, as I get to see her very often here and fyi, she just sitting beside me playing Gold Miner.. LOL, Eric asked me to update my blog more regularly, but please understand that I'm a busy Pharmacy first year student ya~~

Actually I have been typing this since 2 something but I stopped for the drama Fated To Love You so... hehe Blogging tergendala... anyway gotta go now tata~~~


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Greetings from USM, Penang Island!!!

Hey readers, well I wonder if there's any left who will visit my page daily, ussually, gradually, occasionally or whatever, even myself visit my blog only once in a blue moon... Everyone is busy with their Uni life, and so do I... Hehehe, Erm I'm in the library actually, supposed to be learning how to use KRISALIS, a service to find books and jurnals, and also browsing through the website called medscape for Jurnals regarding Pharmacy issues for my first assignment... But then, no idea how to use the service and found many jurnals that I barely understand, I decide to steal some time for blogging...

Yesterday was my first day to lecture and I was lucky that none of my classes got cancelled by whatever reasons... Unlike Eric, the less fortunate one, whose classes always cancelled... And yup life as a Pharmacy student ain't easy in USM... My faculty is the only one that requires us to wear formal EVERYDAY to lectures and lab... Wanna portrait professionals image konon... Haha so ya, in USM, if you see students in formal attire, most probably he/she is a pharmacy student... fainted*

The more unfortunate event is that there will be no bus stopping near our school... So from my hostel, my roommate and I will have to walk approximately 1 km to my school... Everyday~~~~ In FORMAL attire samor!!! Haha, okay, enough whinning, I always do best in complaining, but my concept is, done complaining?? Alright, pull yourself together and life on!!! Yup, current aim is to score at least GPA of 3.75 out of 4.0... Haha since most people here are from Matriculation, when they here that you're from STPM they'll give the look as if you are very good... SO... STRESSSSSS lol, nolar mainly caused by my own pride and egoism... kk gtg for now... tata