Monday, June 23, 2008

Turning Over A New Leaf...

My blog seems lifeless this month... Why is that so?? I cannot give you an answer myself... Till today, 23 June I only manage to update 5 short posts, which to me is a failure... What so ever, am leaving to Penang this coming Friday morning... Will be back in August, look forward to my return will you???

There's alot of preparation to do before I set of to my university life... I'm still in a dilemma whether should I bring my Mr. Fei to Penang... That big dog is gonna occupy big portion of my luggage, but I can't sleep well without it!! :P By the way, Mr.Fei is my biggest and favorite soft toy that I got as a gift 3 years back from my ex... Used to love it soooo much that my sis gets jealous of it... Haha, that Fei had occupied half of my bed for 3years and made me always complaining bout my bed being too small...

Besides, gotta do some more shopping on glosseries, toiletries, and some basic needs of living... Also wondering should I bring my comforter?? Lol I might as well transfer my whole room to Penang... Luckily still got a cousin in Penang so will go and kacau him when in trouble..

So many things to do, so little time... I'll update again later.. tata


Friday, June 20, 2008

Penang Here I come!!!

Hey I'm just back from my Genting trip; the last trip before Local university intake and the trip was real fun!!! Hehe Err everyone knows bout genting so I need not to elaborate more...

Yup! I got my first choice which is Pharmacy in USM... Was rather regret and down yesterday thinking to go so far away from home, and leaving many of my friends in Klang Valley... Just now got to know that JiaXin and Caren going to USM as well... So yey!!! Girl friends are there together so it's pretty exciting...

One more thing bout Penang is the FOOD!!!! Haha, some of my friends are worried that I might come back 4 years later as a PP.. PP stands for Pui Po (Fat Lady) due to my Tham-Jia-ness and Penang's nice.delicious.tasty.yummylicious FOOD!!! So hehe I'll try to control my diet k???

So friends, even though we will not be meeting each other often, check out my blog and see how I'm doing in life ya?! Cheerio!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everybody Love Kung Fu Fighting~~

Yay, I watched Kung Fu Panda today!!! The movie is AWESOME!!!
Behold THE Big Fat Panda!!!
Anyway, just an awesome movie to recommend here~~

Oh I so miss Karaoke d... Have less than a month holiday to the university intake, I'm happy about that but gotta grab the remaining time to play more~~


Friday, June 6, 2008

Mood Swings

Hello peepow-peepow sekalian~~
MK is back again!!! Sorry for showing the emotional side of me here yesterday... I don't mean to quit blogging... YET
Let me tell you some cute things about the people I'm hanging out with lately... When it comes to hang out buddy, I just gotta first think of Eric the Brada!!! This fella ar, nothing good!!! Only know how to bully me... Somemore always say I stupid, T.T just because I lose in chess and bowling... Nvm, someday I'll get my revenge :P Today brought my laptop to his house for his brother to check out what's wrong with it, then sticked my arse to his couch and watched Step Up 2 with him... Dancing Rockx!! But I never fancy Shuffer though, more interested with Gliding... Wait, quit dancing... back to brada, he is the guy with the smallest stomach that I have ever known... Whenever out for meal with him will be funny~ in McD he took Fillet O Fish while I munched on my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Pizza he can't even finish 3 slices of regular pizza, lol tak boleh la... He have this theory that "prettier girls are bigger liar"~ And!!! According to him, I'm trustworthy, so you get the isi tersirat la... But to me his eyes are blinded by bird feaces... :P Beneath the surface of what it might appeared to be, we are two lonely souls that lean on each other... Or maybe just me leaning on him~~
Coming up next, Ivan the Gay Beh Kia... Ivan ni, my chess, bowling, skating, and most importantly, MissBimbo Kaki!!! Not to forget bigger bully than Eric!!! Don't get me started when he team up with Kkok... Hahaha, he introduced this to me two days ago... And we are competing our levels as well as IQ of our bimbos... See~ Ivan playing missbimbo, tell me how gay is that??? Kinda fun game to kill time... Ivan is always on for activities and outings... A person who can't stand people daring him... Like yesterday he appeared at my gates on 1.30am with Eric... Tapao-ed roti canai for my and bro as supper... Cracked jokes and leave at 3am... That was hella experience for me!!! Haha, yea besides being a bully and a dota freak who always farming~ stun~ and die~!! He is a fun guy to hang out with... Still, I can't help but to end this paragraph with Ivan..... YOU NOOB!!!

I have been bothered by things that don't even exist lately, which contributes to my not in the mood to blog... Not exactly not in the mood just, unable to get my words out in order... Bah... My mood swings extremely easily... As Eric says I'm a Sunshine girl, I might get pretty scary when the rain pours... Don't play play... Well, I not suffering from split-personality, so throw whatever you are thinking!! :P

Okay, it's been some time since I last updated a long post... I'm satisfied... You're not??? Stay tuned~~


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I hate crapping..
I hate emptiness..
I hate faking that it's all cool..
I hate being emo here and show that I'm weak..
I hate you..

Can I quit blogging??? Again???


Sunday, June 1, 2008

-N o o B-

Oh hello~ Won't be blogging for sometimes... I hate online using my desktop... Super Snail Speed can kill okay?! Something is wrong with my laptop setting and configurations so wait till I figure it out.. Dammit... Besides, having outing tomorrow... Pyramid it is... Kinda hoping to go for ice skating... But then due to my noobness, drawn back... See, my blog is short and simple lately, not so much of craps... Like it or not... :P

Currently into TVXQ - O' Jung Ban Hap Dance Steps.. 3 minutes heat only~~ tata