Monday, April 28, 2008

B for Blog

Hey people... I'm back after nearly a week of not updating... Where do I start???
Hmmm.. Went Sunway Lagoon last Satuday, after the Prize Giving Ceremony in school... No money one... How poor is ACS?? Their money all used up to repair they ever-damaged toilets... Some more thought I can cover my expenditure to Lagoon with the prize money... As only JX and I going for the ceremony, Lilian and troop went for the Walkathon in the morning... We lost contacts and basically played seperately that day, JX and I couple for the day.. To put it in a nut shell, we didn't really enjoy...
ACS STPM scholars...
Xin and me - Couple of the day~

-the end-

I believed I have mentioned this guy Seng Qian who works in PA Bukit Raja... Guess what?? I got his number and SMSed him last night... Wahahha damn aggresive me can?? Just bare with me, it's my last day working I should somehow make a move and not regret in the future, no? Oh and I'm so going to miss the time working at PDI, my collegues are all friendly and funny people... Not to mention how lame they can be... During the short period of my working time, I have top the list of personal sales for a couple of time... Wahaha and I broke my personal sales target of RM700 today... Happy~ The only drawback of this job will be it physically affects me ALOT!!! Besides standing for long hours that nearly break my legs, I ate like a dinosaur during break time... WHICH, contributes to my gain in weight... Dammit, people trying so hard to lose my fats but now I gain more instead... puik!

And here we come to the highlights of the night!!!!
This morning, as usual, the first thing I do after I wake up is to turn on my laptop and check my mails, my eyes sparkled for a second when I see an email with the Subject : Application Status... Then I closed my eyes and pray very hard after I clicked to open the mail... And....

Qiang qiang qiang qiang!!!!!

Dear Heng Sue Chin,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for admission to the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in Academic Year 2008-09 for a course of study in Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine (Double Degree). Your selection from a pool of highly qualified applicants reflects a recognition of your academic achievement and our belief that you will thrive as a student of the NTU community. [bla-bla-bla]
We extend to you our congratulations and look forward to your participation in a challenging and stimulating academic future at NTU.

Say I'm a show-off whatever I don't care~ I know some of you will be happy for me... Wahahaa, just have to share this happiness here... So ya, I'm unemployed again and will be enjoying my holiday again... Feel free to ask me out~~



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Star by Kim Ah Joong

Never stop loving this song ever since I heard it... Can anyone get me this song in MP3 format pleasssseeee... Thank you thank you... Enjoy~

Byul lyrics

(200 Pound Beauty OST)

Param-kyori cha-ngeu-rheun-teul-go
Nae kiman-han cha-gun naye bang wi-ro
Arum-taun-ke pyul-bit-durun
Kaduk chae-wo-chuneyo
Sel-su-obshi manhunt pyul-tu-reun
Ji-chyo-in-nun na-reul oru-man-chimyo
Nae mam-soge katok tamun
Nun-mul tak-ka shu-neyo

Man-hyi apa-ha-ji-ma
Nal kkung anun-chae
Tado-kyojumyo chal-jara
Wero-hae ju-neyo

Goshi mo-thal man-kum
Hime gyowa apa-wado
Nun-muri a-peul kar-yowado
Gatchi-mothan nae sarang apedo
Na usul-lae-yu
Cham-shira-do gyote
Haeng-bo-khaet-don giok-turul
Ga-sume gan-ji-khal-kkeyo
Tunune sunoh-a-jin
Cho pyol-deul-cho-rom yongwonhi

Kkumul kku-deut taka-uneyo
Yu-nu-nhi-do balkun naye byol hana
Nunbu-shi-mi panjja-gimyo
Okkae-wiro naer-yo-wa

Jakku sulpo-hajima
Son kkong chabun-chae
Nal manchyo-jumyo
Tta-seu-hi nal kamssa-shu-neyo

Goshi mo-thal man-kum
Hime gyowa apa-wado
Nun-muri a-peul kar-yowado
Gatchi-mothan nae sarang apedo
Na usul-lae-yu
Cham-shira-do gyote
Haeng-bo-khaet-don giok-turul
Ga-seum-soge gan-chikhal-kke-yo
Tunune sunoh-ajin
Cho pyol-deul-chorom ooohhhh

Na onul-manun anu-royu
Nun-muri kadokchowado
Chogi cho byol-deul-chorom
Na u-seul-lae-yo ooohhhh
Haeng-bokhaet-don giok-modu
Ga-sume gan-ji-khal-kkeyo
Tunune sunoh-a-jin
Cho pyon-deul-cho-rom

Translation of Youme’s version:

the wind is shaking the windows,and over my small room,
the stars fill up the sky, shining brightly too many to count,
the stars reassure tired me
they wipe away the many tears that are deep inside me

don’t be hurt too much..they hug me tight and pamper me
and comfort me,
telling me to go to sleep

though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walk
though my tears blur my vision
I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short, I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart
like those countless number of stars, forever

My dream is coming. though it is unusual that my one star is bright
it is very bright, even comes down to my shoulder
stop being so holds my hand as it touches me
and gives me a warm hug

though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walkthough my tears blur my vision
I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short, I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart
like those countless number of stars, forever

Only for today, I won’t cry though my eyes fill with tears
I want to laugh like those stars
Oh~ I want to cherish all my happy moments deep inside my heart
Like those countless number of stars, forever

Omg with the translation, I'm even more in love with the song!!!

mk.staring upon the stars... think of you... just you~

Longing for...

My aunt recommended mom a Taiwanese drama - 恶作剧之吻, It Started With A Kiss, and I'm currently into it... I know i know, this drama is like oh-my-so-freaking-long-ago thing and I'm only watching it now... Anyway, disregarding how handsome the hero in the drama is, I'm soooo into him because he's super smart... Why drama story line never happens in my life?? Well, I only get to watch 3 episodes and mom stopped the dvd and chased everyone to sleep... Since I can't sleep yet, I just wanna scream how envious am I towards the heroin!!! Lol, that naive (dumb) girl just so happen to have the best luck in the world as the super-high-IQ-top-student who is also her crush for years happens to be the son of her father's best friend... She, along with her father moved to stay with the family after their new house collapsed due to a mild earthquake.. then yadi yada bla bla bla and happy ending... Well I haven't reach the ending though...

The main point is....!!! I've always wanted to study together with the one I like, and he's the smart one and I'm the dumb one, he can teach me lots and lots of things and I 'bodo'ly admire at his intelligence and coolness... Yes, that's like one of my biggest fantasy besides marrying a rich guy and live happily ever after and etc etc... I always find that romantic!!!

Don't come and tell me :
"What?!? Studying is romantic?!? You knocked your head or what?!?"
Haha, I just can't help to feel that smart guys are sexy... Haha, well he still gotta have some look and not just plain brain and neurons... ugh ugh~ Ahaha, but I never have luck and fate with smart guys, no no... So my fantasy will remain as fantasy... Hopefully I'll get to meet one in my university life... 4 years left to materialize my dreams... Lol, praying hard for a hot cute nerd which is smarter than me... Namo namo... Haha, dramas make me dream alot more than I already did... Full time dreamer I am...

Namo... (x infinity)
tata fantasy?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Short peace of mind...

I am proud to announce that my blog actually have a couple of loyal readers... Make it a dozen, can I? So I'll try to update as often as possible so that you do not come here and have to bare to look at the stinking-not fresh-rotting-with spider web-old post for days... I'll TRY~

Now... If life is like a roller coaster ride, I have no idea whether I'm up or down... So confused, that I have no idea whether I'm flying or falling... I have been over-spending [still not stopping], over-worked my ass off at PDI, overwhelmed when a message sent, and overdoomed when a message received...

Everytime, I said EVERYTIME!!! When I finally made a real hard decision, something just have to jump out off nowhere and ruin my plan... Eventually I break the vow I've made to myself, and break the promise I've made to my friends... Can we actually regret over our regrets? Ignore me,

Today I had lunch alone at Pizza Hut Bukit Raja (BR)... I just have to announce when I do things alone... wanna dramatically show some lonesome here~ Neeway, unlike those other times that I used to take lunch alone when I work at KP, where I felt awfully miserable myself, I felt peace instead today... For some reason, my mind was so messy that everything becomes so abstract and it stops thinking... I actually planned to used my lunch time to sort out something, but I can't seems to get anything out from my mind to be sort out, I mindlessly, cut and chew my pizzas peacefully...


A bunch of noisy-loud speaking-kids [teenagers-looks 15] comes in and spoiled my peace of mind... So there goes my peace... I so miss that peace now...

My work isn't so bad as I have some wacky collegues... And today we were cracking lame jokes to kill time, such as how to do magic without using any tools and et cetera... Laugh my lungs out as the actions are super lame... Well, some of you might not enjoy it, but I totally buy it!! Hilarious!! LOL then I got home and share with my family, they too laugh hard and 'sweat' at the same time...

Just to share my happy day~ With some emo moments..
Overall, Great!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Her Ordinary Days...

Blogging before work...
When I have got nothing to do and rot at home everyday, I complain...
When I got a job and work for 8 hours a day, I also complain...
When I get to do shopping and spend, I still complain...
When I happily used up my money, I complain again...
Conclusion : I'm an opposition... I complained on everything!!!

_____~Work em' up~_____
Working noon shift today, which means till 10.30pm, which further means dad might over-paranoidly wait for me to get home and eventually nag at me... What job to find next?? Office definitely won't want me for 1 freaking month... I need a part time job, short hours part time in the morning... So anyone, pls let me know if you got any good recommendation for part timers...

_____~Crapping A Business~_____
And yes!! Am going to Lagoon next saturday with sistas~~ Aiks! gonna get tanned so soon and can't show off my fair skin in Redang d... ish ish, kidding I where got what fair skin wor... So I'll try to update my outings... Though I'm super uber lazy on updating outings... By the way, watched "The Forbidden Kingdom" with Eric and Ben at Aeon yesterday... The movie was great but I find something ridiculously hilarious as imagine watching the Jade Emperor, Sun Go Kong and yadi yada speaking English wtf! Still Liu Yi Fei the Chinese actress that plays Golden Sparrow is undeniably beautiful... Jealous-nyer~~

_____~I'm way too Beautifoooool Girl~_____
It's an instinct for mortal human like us to love beautiful things... People pay thousands to travel around the world to see beautiful sceneries, some pay millions to possess beautiful stones>>diamonds maybe... And most of us, will be attracted to beautiful people around us, nonetheless... So am I... As I'm longing to visit Redang the-everyone-say-is-beautiful-beach, and insanely peeped on the handsome guy, i think his name is Seng Qian or something, that works at PA Bkt Raja... Gahaha, peep only haven't stalk him yet, aiks I'm a potential stalker d jeezzz...

_____~Wish of The Day~_____
It's JX big day today...
So Happy Birthday Jia Xin!!!!
muamuamua (-3-)
No celebration is planned,
so I guess we'll make that up next Saturday at Lagoon k??

thats all, cheerio~


Friday, April 18, 2008


Finally Missy Busy here found some time to blog, but the truth is my junkie lappy keep showing me patterns and auto shut down everytime I switched it on, so I now get to blog 5 minutes after I reformatted this laptop... By the way, good news ahead is that I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow!!! A 12.1" Acer Aspire 2920 , hiahiahia... Hope nothing comes up and break my dreams... This morning went to IDP Subang to collect my IELTS results, got an overall band of 7.5... Not bad, but did quite badly in Writng and Speaking... So not happy...

_____~Confession Booth~_____
I have been spending a bomb lately, I'm so sorry for not spending wisely... Firstly, Redang trip costs me hundreds, and I abruptly decided to get myself a pair of sunnies, an economical one yet still costly for me from Morgan@ Focus Point Fair @ JJ Bukit Raja... But now abit regret didn't asked for more discount... T.T Gahaha, I'm having difficulties controling my expenditure, seriously...
Conclusion : I POKAI D!!!!

_____~Sia Sui Moments~_____
One lady should never reveal her sia sui moment, but then... I guess you all know I got a part time job at PDI Bukit Raja... Dad waited for me to get home for a couple of nights till 11pm and he emo on me asking me to quit the job, at most till the end of april... I was like.... Okay?! Haha, one secret that's not a secret anymore to be shared>>> I a.k.a tai siu je also cannot tahan the job that stand 8 hours a day... So I told my supervisor I'm quiting.. So awkward now... My collegues are giving me those one-kind-look... wtf!

Look^^ Above is my 4 year old wallet... I got it in a present exchange during Christmas 2004 from my so-called ex-pet-brother... Then around 2006, I got myself a red Milk Teddy purse [love purses from MT] and during this year's Ching Ming prayer, I let my cousin kept my purse in her bag and careless us let her bring it all the way home to Endau, Pahang.. So I "lost" my purse and was using the old one for a few days... Thinking of getting a new CarloRino one but can't spend that much on only a purse, I'd rather have that amount of money in my purse you see.. Haha, so I got myself a new MT again... Chosen by Eric [hey eric, here's your ke le fe name appearing again].. As below vv...

Might you be wondering what does my emomomomoment gotta do with my new and old purse??? Haha, nothing much, just that when I look at my new and old purse in the afternoon, something flashes though my mind... When I lost my purse, I can just get a new one and carry on my life, but when I've lost my love, why can't i just get a new one and move on???
emomomomomomomomomo (x infinity)



Sunday, April 13, 2008

So much to say...

My laptop has been behaving like a piece of junk... Therefore, I have been lazy to blog as well... Anyway, I was so hoping to get a new laptop today but unfortunately the model that I desired is currently out of stock... Deng!! Really unlucky like sh*t or what... Omgggggggggod... Super cannot tahan my sh*tty luck... Enough complain for now and hopefully I'll lay my eye on a new model asap... zzzz

_____~Smiling Face @
I've got a part time job at P.D.I @ Jaya Jusco, Bukit Raja and will start working tomorrow!! Yay!! Which means no more unforgivable time wastage and money spendings... Not exactly no more, but definitely lessen a lot... Which also means less online moment > less blogging...

_____~Thought Of The Day after Yesterday~____
Yesterday night I watched this Korean movie titled "A Moment To Remember"... The story is about a girl who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at the age of 27 and she started to forget her loved ones-> family and husband... It's a sad story though, made me cried a river and drown the whole world~ And again, it also makes me realized that the chances of me getting Alzheimer's is rather high [choi choi touch wood, spit saliva and say again], since the disease is sometimes caused by inheritance... My grandmother suffered Alzheimer as well... Relating my thoughts to my current status, I'm considered a girl with somewhat good memory power and sometimes I just want to forget about what happen in my past relationship to get it over with, but yesterday after watching that show I realized that I really.seriously.definitely.absolutely.certainly.actually don't want to forget that episode of my life, which is why I'm still not getting over it... What is love without memories?? Love don't just come in a snap of the fingers, it is built with foundations of memories... Some are sad, yet beautiful... Then I realized that I blog to keep track of these memories... That's why my blog is in a diary form. When I delete my Xanga blog when I was irrationally emo-ing over the break up, I actually tried to delete my memories but some are so strong that they just won't get off my mind... Although now I'm super regret over my act of deleting the blog, but there's no point crying over spilled milk... Oh my thought have been long, but not to be surprised, I'm a lengthy thinker, and tend to think too much...

_____~Whisper In The Ears~_____
I miss you~
miss you~
miss you~~
I miss you like crazy~
Even more than....
[what's this song name???]

_____~Wish Of The Day~_____
May your wishes come true...
*hugs and blessings*

Mom's boss passed away this morning, due to complications after a "by pass" operation, rest in peace Uncle Dato...


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I was craving on going to Redang Island for years since after SPM in 2005. I'm finally going to Redang next month and at this moment, I'm not really looking forward to the trip... What's gotten in to me?? By the way, I just watched "What Women Wants" on 8tv, the finalist spent their time at Tioman Island... Gosh apparently snorkeling requires a certain level of stamina.. Haha in order to enjoy myself kau kau at Redang, I guess I should really work harder on my swimming... Training starting next week!!! Eh heh, why not tomorrow?? Well, under some circumstances, cannot la... Blueh...

I wanna go Tioman also la... Who else planning any trip???
Ish Gotta save money for my W580i...

Bored already, tata..


Monday, April 7, 2008


The eyes of mine are not feeling so well today,
was kinda blur when I watched movie
"The Three Kingdom"
in the afternoon with lilian dear,
still fortunate that I'm not seeing

ddoouubbllee vviissiioonn...
Maybe because they were flooded last night...
Thanks to Edwin,
my getting better life sort of wretched again...
Very confused at this moment,
very tired since I slept at 4am again...
Keep asked me to think...
and think...
and think...
as if I never did...
So now am thinking again,
with my somewhat exhausted mind...

Going to sleep, after a cuppa I guess...
Good night, world...


Just for you~

This post is specially dedicated to my beloved bro, or I actually prefer --> sis~
Haha.. Well, he was complaining that I always blog so much some more keep ask him to read but never blog about him, then when I told him I did mentioned about him, he some more complained he's name is too KE LE FEH~~ Lol, super hao lian k??
Okok since I wanna blog about him it's better for me to talk good things bout him, later he say wanna give me a punch on the face AGAIN.. Well he is super duper uber slim or I should say skinny for a guy.. 52kg only, around 174cm tall... Imagine his wrists are thinner and smaller than mine!!! OMG~ Gahaha, not to forget his face is also smaller than mine T.T , with a palm almost my size... gosh...
Well physically, his considered rather attractive (ehem, don't fly k?), I have always feel that he resembles Orlando Bloom, or more precisely, Legolas in the Lord Of The Ring movies... Aha!! Don't correct me even if you don't agree, that's my perspective okay??? yet again, i cant help but to say that he's tooooo skinny, eat more babe!
Personality wise, to my knowledge, I see him as a rather sensitive guy, mild temper but he has his moment, funny at times and lame as well... He is a great person to talk to, and a good listener too. We just got close for a couple of months and I definitely have endless topics to talk to him. Recalling the Wed when we went to Sg. Wang for Ben's final, both of us basically sat at McDonalds and chat for 2 hours while waiting for Ben to take his theory... We shared a regular coke and refilled for dunno how many times..
Also, well I don't know whether I should talk about this, scare he'll kill me later, hope he won't, he's a romantic person... Heard about the way he used to treat his girl (now ex), was touched, well a little... But then!!!! He's also a very weird person, always have a lot of patterns, I find sometimes he love to stay in his comfort zone too much... He doesn't like to mix with a lot of people that some he find eerm, not so likable? Maybe that's being real and not hypocritical, I don't know but don't judge a person if you do not know him/her well k?
And we have been mistaken as a couple when we went outings together, by a girl Emma from a crystal shop and by Willy [the person that tries to teach me during ice skating].. LOL I always kena bully kao kao by this fella la, ish ish teruk... alright, I got this feeling that he'll whack me when he saw this post...

[message to eric : woi! you asked for this ar, so next time be careful of what you wish for! blueh!!]


Friday, April 4, 2008


I HATE my lappy!!! *emo emo*
I just reformatted my laptop today...
Still functioning like a piece of crap... So slow, so annoying!!
Can't wait to get my new laptop of my own...

Well speaking of embarrassment, I guess everyone has their awkward moments, for me I have plenty of them. For instance, when I fall in the ice-skating ring I'll scream in a super high pitch, loudest as well and eventually find my voice echoing throughout the shopping mall... Crap, hyper but true... well I don't mean it but it's kinda instant reflects of mine... I tend to scream very easily, when i was startled by Ivan who bumped out of no where and knocked on my car window in front of Andalas McD, when I watch horrors and thrillers, and even when a lizard jumped down and 'pop' it landed hard on the floor from the ceiling... Conclusion: I'm a born screamer, wtf...

This week have been rather tiring, had a compact 12 hours workshop at IDP Subang for IELTS. Jeez got lost while looking for a parking lot.. I took a turn and no idea where it leads me, end up I was 20 minutes late for the first lesson... zzzz Second day was okay, but yesterday!!! I had Speaking Test at 1pm so I'm supposed to show up 1hour in prior. I was early but I circled around there for half an hour and still no parking... Gave up and I parked in the Asian Cafe car park... I can't help but to feel that I was conned!!! Well, sort of half willingly~ Freaking parking rm2 per hour.. For the first time it cost me rm14 just for parking, still can't get over it... T.T
Asian Cafe I hate too... XC

Btw, after a series of try and error, I finally get to sign in and blog! gaga XP


_____Wish Of the Day_____
Happy 20th Birthday Uncle Edwin!!!

erm it's belated abit, but the heart counts lo~~