Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moments to remember...

Frankly speaking, I practically grew up with Genting... I have been visiting the City of Entertainment since I was in a baby cart, or whatever you call that thing... The first ever trip with friends that my dad allowed was to Genting, since I rather familiar with the environment there... That was in Form4 after final exam... There are a few more trips to Genting with different people and also different feelings... From making new friends, to vacation with the boyfriend, to hanging out with buddies > SEMI-D, and hosting for coursemates from outstation... Every single trip leaves precious memory and memorable moments to be glanced back...

And for this recent trip, as the most fortunate daughther ever, my dad offer to send us to Genting... Wow that was even better than hitting the Jackpot!! Aha seriously, going up by public transport is definintely not enjoyable at all... Late departure, relax travel and we arrived at First World around 2pm... Queued up for the ever crowded check-in and waited for... (No idea how long) Meanwhile waiting for the guys and some SS photography session...
I named this Angel~~

Yen Sin: "Tired waiting~"MK: "I shall indulge myself with my beloved Cheezels~ Ciu~!!"

We do best in SS-ing in boredom...

Finally got a room and we were super duper uber put down by the miniature room... Well gotta face it, First World is famous not only for the number of rooms they have to offer, but also the size of the room... Miraculously, we had 6person sleeping on two combined single bed, and 2 on the floor... Well that was an experience, sweatness to the max...

Indulge yourselve with the photos... Or else, hit the red [X] button at your wish...

-First Day-Not yummilicious at all @ Pizza Hut

Couple to-be or not-to-be?? We'll see~~After a game of snooker...

I'm in heels and still a head away... isk!!

In the cinema... James Bond 007- Quantum of Solace

Outside the -ladies- after movie... In search for the so-called Garden
~Out for some cooling wind~

Pirate ship Waiting for the Space Shot, Ting was too scared to join us wakaka

Shower cap??

Soaking wet after 2 rounds of Sungai Rajang


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was typing a post full of complains and whining about my life during study week and final... But then come to think of it, I guess everyone is facing the same situation during their exam and since it's over now, therefore I shall keep that to myself... Don't wanna create a negative environment in my blog though... So I shall share my joy of the first week of my first sem break with my coursemates coming to Genting and Klang, organized by MK_da_Great!!

Have been organizing a Genting trip since October, inspired by Karen the girl friend from HBP, she was suppose to get me a room and stuff.. Yadi Yada ended up I did it all by myself... Wasn't a great organizer but I'm glad my friends enjoyed pretty much last week...
Ever since my last paper, which is the FAR 152-Public Health For Pharmacy, well haven't really studied hard for that paper since most of us tends to neglet it, whatever.. That afternoon itself we went to Redbox Gurney for Karaeoke session, weeeee~~ Sorry, singing has always been my favorite activities... 10 of us was so lucky to get a VIP room and paying only student's rate... The room is LARGE and spacious, mmmm nice.. Anyway the guys are late and somehow got them to sing out their lungs, some are pretty hilarious...

Loving Roommates.. Well exclude Exam Period...

Besties, Wern Ting...

~Pretty Yen Sin~

Happiness after Exam is like Sunshine after the Rain...
The nerds from USM Pharmacy...

Way to go!! Partner~~


-Ah Pek aka Yew Jin-
-Big Head-


_The girls after Redbox_~Dinner at Kim Gary~

Then on the 15th Nov, I spent whole day packing my stuff to =send to cousin's house=, =to tumpang at Shmily's crib= and =to bring home=... Walau, a total of 10 bags almost cause me to faint... Wonder how did I manage to have so many things.. Finally back Klang with 4 girls, Shmily the roommate, Wern Ting the besties, Yen Sin the cutie but hot fencer, and Yieng Ping from Sarawak... Night went shopping at Aeon and introduced them to Ivan the NoOb...

Monday, November 24, 2008