Thursday, December 29, 2011

Revive! (In the process)

Being Single gives me the time in the world to do whatever I wish to do... I still remember him being one of the reason of me neglecting my Neverland here.. Another bigger reason being i was lazy or too boring to blog.

But anyway, am trying to start living a new life here, so since that I'm sure a person full of thoughts and opinions i guess my Neverland here serves as the best platform for me to burp whatever craps i have in me.. I wont wanna force craps into my friends though...

And speaking of which, I have developed Kelantan Induced Depression and Earphone induced Autism, hope my depression will resolve soon enough.. Pretty sure it will...

The big question is: Should I Carry On with this blog, or to Create a New one??
I hope I can come up with a new template/layout for my newly revived blog after my final exam..
If any of you out there so happen to drop by my blog and saw this, do leave a comment.
Just wanna see if my neverland here still have any visitors left huhu ^3^

Else than that will have to wait till after 15 Jan 2012. I guess... Too bad I cant do a New Year Resolution by 1 Jan. Probably will opt for the CNY Resolution then...

Blogging like this gives me a feeling of nostalgia...
and i hereby announce:

Blogger Kecik is back!